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TePe GOOD™ Regular soft toothbrush is part of the unique TePe GOOD™ range made from bio-based plastic – without compromising on product quality, efficiency or design.
Rs 180.00
An interdental brush by TePe, designed to clean the gaps between the teeth, where a regular toothbrush is unable to reach.
Rs 210.00
TePe Mini Flosser™ is a pre-loaded floss holder with a unique bite plane for easy flossing. An excellent cleaning aid for tight spaces between the teeth. Use daily to keep gums and teeth healthy and fresh.
Rs 165.00
A travel case for TePe Interdental Brush™ Original, TePe Interdental Brush™ Extra soft, TePe Mini Flosser™ or TePe EasyPick™.
Rs 75.00