Anti Ageing

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Noreva Noveane Premium Multi-Corrective Intensive Serum 40ml, true anti-aging revolution, acts on the proteins of youth of the skin, to restore its youth.
Rs 1,165.50 Rs 1,295.00
A single press sprays a cloud of micronised droplets of hyaluronic acid. This is what the Hydro-Tonic Mist offers as a toner, make-up fixative and expert care concentrate of active ingredients .
Rs 868.50 Rs 965.00
Novexpert Expert Anti-Aging Eye Contour eye cream is 100% natural and and is the first eye contour cream that tackles three types of wrinkles through the reactivation of stem cells: starting, superficial and deep wrinkles.
Rs 1,237.50 Rs 1,375.00
Novexpert The Anti-Aging Fluid provides profound anti-aging thanks to stem cell activation.
Rs 1,435.50 Rs 1,595.00
A brightening and exfoliating facial mask. Contains a gentle complex of Jojoba micro-spheres, Bamboo Silica and Apricot Kernel powder.
Rs 895.51 Rs 995.00
Novexpert Serum Booster Vitamin C is a anti aging serum for all skin types. This high-performance booster serum delivers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory Vitamin C to the skin, fighting sun damage, increasing luminosity and stimulates natural collagen for a
Rs 1,885.51 Rs 2,095.00
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