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Sandalwood has a soft, musky, balsamic fragrance: oriental, warming & sweet-woody. It is soothing, relaxing & warming and relieves insomnia, anxiety, depression & bronchial mucus.
Rs 138.00 Rs 690.00
Stress Relief has a soothing & mellow fragrance: rich, heady & warming. It is soothing, calming & relaxing. It eases anxiety, depression, stress, headaches & tension.
Rs 138.00 Rs 690.00
This 100% natural blend of avocado vegetable oil and essential oils of ylang-ylang and neroli has incredibly soothing properties. The ingredients have been carefully selected for their calming and relaxing effects on the body and mind.
Rs 389.00
Essential oil of organic Lavender 100% pure and natural.
Rs 540.00
Panacea HE Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) makes it perfect for aromatherapy and provides a calming effect.
Rs 365.00
100% natural Essential Oil-based massage oil. Improves joint flexibility and body comfort.
Rs 690.00