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The water-cream, an antioxidant innovation, is the skin's second line of defence against the effects of daily oxidative stress (pollution, diet, smoking etc.).
Rs 1,599.00
Innovative defence serum enriched with powerful antioxidants to help fight the effects of pollution.
Rs 1,699.00
Brightens up and evens out sensitive skin with a dull and uneven complexion. 24-hours hydration.
Rs 1,329.00
Long-lasting hydration. Its fine and fresh texture leaves a feeling of ultimate comfort and softness on your skin.
Rs 789.00
Lightweight moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration and helps prevent water from evaporating from the skin.
Rs 799.00
Avène Sun Care SPF 50+ Child Lotion 250ml is a solar lotion with a very high protection (SPF 50+) specially formulated for the children with sensitive skin.
Rs 1,099.00
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