Diet & Detox

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The Draining Organic Herbal Tea is a delicious draining and relaxing blend of 5 organic plants: red vine, orange peel, blueberries, blackcurrant and cinnamon. It was created exclusively for the Tearoom at the Vinothérapie™ Spa and helps eliminate toxins while combatting water retention for a more defined silhouette.
Rs 548.00
INDIKA Cleanse & Detox Herbal Infusion x 25 bags is a blend of green tea, lemongrass and moringa (mouroum) is rich in antioxidants such as polyphenolics, which help neutralize harmful free radicals. It also contains diuretic components that stimulate the evacuation of water and help eliminate toxins.
Rs 239.00
This green superfood blend contains high-dose detoxifying nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K, as well as folate, nitrate, and magnesium. It also contains dietary fiber, which aids in the daily elimination of toxins. Our concentrated powder brings you all the benefits of several plants known for their detoxifying qualities through a 100% natural preparation.
Rs 650.00
Rs 325.00
Nutreov Slim Success Power Weight Loss 60 Capsules is a food supplement with active ingredients of plant origin which contributes to weight loss, slimming and reduction of appetite.
Rs 1,299.00
Rs 1,099.00