Dry Skin

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Meltingly soft and smooth, this cream soothes, protects and intensely nourishes dry to very dry skin from environmental stressors.
Rs 666.00
Rich in nourishing and anti-oxidant active ingredients, Nourishing Lip Stick prevents tightness feelings, softens and protects dry lips for instant comfort.
Rs 206.00
The Eau Thermale Jonzac Nutritive Intense Nourishing Hand Cream Second-skin Effect is specially formulated for dry or sensitive skin.
Rs 275.00
The Eau Thermale Jonzac Nutritive Ultra-Rich Shower Gelgently cleanses your skin.
Rs 700.00
Regenerating and nourishing properties of Jojoba for the skin.
Rs 386.00
1st 24h hydro-replenishing rich cream.
Rs 525.00