Hair Care

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Kerium Extra Gentle soothes sensitive scalp immediately and is suitable for children.
Rs 483.00
Is an oily-dandruff treatment that helps to exfoliate the scalp, reduce itching and reduce the dandruff crisis.
Rs 545.00
Kerium Anti-dandruff range specifically formulated for oily scalp or persistent dandruff.
Rs 545.00
D.S regulating skincare products rapidly soothe irritation, restore comfort and even tone to skin subject to redness and scaling (face, body and scalp).
Rs 599.00
D.S. Lotion is a non-greasy regulating solution for daily use. The scalp rapidly returns to normal ; it regains its healthy appearance and dandruff disappears.
Rs 719.00
DS HAIR innovation: the first shampoo range to incorporate Thermal Water from the French Alps.
Rs 459.00
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