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Biocyte kératine forte shampoo® is the first shampoo formulated with pure keratin. Thanks to this treatment, keratin adheres to our hair scale.
Rs 640.00
Your hair lack volume and strength? You probably need keratin supplements. Biocyte Keratine Forte Full Spectrum is formulated with keratin, horsetail, lucerne (alfalfa), vitamins and minerals. The strength and vitality of the hair is stimulated by alfalfa
Rs 1,285.00
Biocyte has innovated by creating Keratine forte serum®, a high-tech formula consisting of 3 patented active ingredients with proven effectiveness in fighting against hair loss and stimulating hair growth.
Rs 1,060.00
Biocyte Keratine Forte anti hair loss is a treatment used to slow down hair loss and boost growth. Containing keratin, AnaGain, Legactif and a miliacin complex, this treatment reduces hair loss, encourages growth and nourishes the hair fibre.
Rs 1,085.00
L’Oréal Paris Botanicals coriander strengthening conditioner is infused with coriander seed, soya, and coconut oils to revitalise and strengthen fragile hair.
Rs 325.00
L’Oréal Paris® Botanicals Coriander Strengthening Mask is infused with ginger extract, coriander seed, soya and coconut oils to revitalise and strengthen fragile hair.
Rs 530.00
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