How to use interdental brushes?

How to use interdental brushes?

Make it a daily routine to brush between your teeth with an interdental brush. It will keep your mouth healthy and prevent gum inflammation and cavities. Interdental brushes can also be used for cleaning of implants and orthodontic appliances. 

Did you know that a toothbrush can only reach 60% of the tooth surfaces? Dental plaque builds up between your teeth where a toothbrush does not reach. It is a good idea to use an interdental brush as part of your daily cleaning routine to prevent gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath. An interdental brush is a small brush specially designed to clean between your teeth, where a regular toothbrush does not reach. Daily use of an interdental brush in addition to regular toothbrushing, is an easy and efficient way to keep your gums and teeth fresh and healthy. 

Choosing the right size

For best result, it is important to choose an interdental brush of the right size. Often, you need more than one brush size and your dental professional can help to select the correct brush size or sizes for you. If you for any reason do not have access to a dental professional, try TePe interdental mix-pack to find a suitable size. Use your interdental brush once a day, preferably in the evening and in front of the mirror. Move the brush gently back and forth a few times in each interdental space.

How do I use the interdental brush?

  1. Choose the right size

  2. Insert gently

  3. Move the brush back and forth in each space

  4. Change size and curve the neck or wire when needed

  5. Change the brush when the filaments become worn

How to use interdental brushes between the front teeth?

  1. Use a straight interdental brush between the front teeth.

  2. Insert the brush gently between your teeth. Do not force the brush into a space; work it in gently or choose a smaller size. 

  3. Move the interdental brush full length back and forth a few times.

How to use interdental brushes between the back teeth?

If you use a small interdental brush (pink, orange, red or blue) you may curve the soft neck slightly. By adding pressure with your finger to make it easier to reach between the back teeth. If you use an interdental brush of a larger size, access between the back teeth may be improved if you slightly curve the wire. The interdental brush will last longer if you do not straighten or bend the brush at another angle.

How to use TePe Angle™?

TePe Angle is an interdental brush designed for excellent access to all interdental spaces. It has an angled brush head and a longer handle. TePe Angle™ is an interdental brush designed for controlled and convenient interdental cleaning. The angled brush head makes it easier to reach, especially between the back teeth and from the inside. The long, flat handle offers a stable, ergonomic grip. TePe Angle is available in six colour coded sizes, all with plastic coated wire for safe use.

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