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A single press sprays a cloud of micronised droplets of hyaluronic acid. This is what the Hydro-Tonic Mist offers as a toner, make-up fixative and expert care concentrate of active ingredients .
Rs 965.00
Dermatologists are well aware: magnesium is as beneficial to your skin as your body. This soothing and protective trace element is now available at ultra-high concentrations in a spray.
Rs 385.00
Trio-Zinc Mist has a special place in the purifying skincare arsenal thanks to its deep-cleansing, soothing and mattifying action. It also holds a clear advantage over other cosmetics categories as it can be used several times a day, in line with different needs.
Rs 345.00
Hyaluronic Acid, the most fundamental substance for the youthfulness of your skin, deserved a base that matched its effectiveness. Mission accomplished with this ultra-moisturizing, plumping and anti-aging serum.
Rs 1,995.00
Novexpert Expert Anti-Aging Eye Contour eye cream is 100% natural and and is the first eye contour cream that tackles three types of wrinkles through the reactivation of stem cells: starting, superficial and deep wrinkles.
Rs 1,395.00
Novexpert Flash Eclat Mousse Nettoyante is a anti aging foam for all skin types. Cleanses, removes make-up, smoothes, brightens and removes make-up, as well as excess sebum in a few moments. The pores are freed and reduced.
Rs 895.00
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