Rene Furterer

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Intensive hair care for color-treated and damaged hair to prolong radiance
Rs 1,287.08 Rs 1,399.00
Detangling and hydration for gray, white or platinum blond hair
Rs 643.08 Rs 699.00
Discover Progressive Triphasic, the expert in anti-hair loss.
Rs 2,575.08 Rs 2,799.00
Detangling conditioner for wavy, curly hair
Rs 643.08 Rs 699.00
Triphasic is a fortifying shampoo with essential oils for people prone to frequent hair loss and brittle hair.
Rs 459.08 Rs 499.00
Rene Furterer Vitalfan Progressive Anti Hair Loss 3 x 30 Capsules is a food supplement to reduce hair loss from hormonal or hereditary origin.
Rs 1,783.88 Rs 1,939.00
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