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Rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, Moringa Oleifera oil is the ideal care for sensitive skin, rough and dull complexion. Rich in antioxidants, it helps fight against premature aging of the skin, it replenishes the tissues by nourishing them and helps to maintain a firm skin.
Rs 888.00
Castor oils continues to surprise us with its considerable effects on our body. The ricinoleic acid naturally contained in this oil purifies the skin. It is also given a soothing effect to sensitive and irritated skin. It gives strength to the nails, eyelashes and hair with its strengthening action, and promotes their growth. Also, an excellent repair agent for damaged skin. (cracks, crevasses, ...) Used on the face, it restores radiance.
Rs 750.00
Protective and Nourishing
Rs 1,150.00
Protective and Nourishing
Rs 700.00
Recommended for hyperactive couperose-affected skin, also in the initial stages of rosacea.
Rs 1,250.00
Recommended for everyday cleansing of sensitive couperose-affected skin prone to hyperactivity, spider veins, erythema and rosacea.
Rs 1,020.00