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Elgydium Whitening toothpaste helps to remove superficial tooth discolouration (caused in particular by food and drink or smoking) while caring for the teeth. It is mint-flavoured and prolongs whiteness following tartar removal or professional whitening.
Rs 405.00
Anti-caries High efficiency anti-caries toothpaste Clinically proven With sugar acid neutralizer
Rs 250.00
Rs 185.00
Elmex Sensitive Professional Whiteness gently and effectively eliminates coloration and helps to restore natural whiteness of your teeth.
Rs 250.00
The organic mint toothpaste cleans gently and offers comprehensive care for strong and healthy teeth! Fluoride prevents the formation of caries. Sensitive gums are protected. Glycerin, perlite and silica fight plaque, remove stains and polish the enamel. Teeth are visibly whiter.
Rs 285.00
Meridol Toothpaste helps prevent gum irritation, occasional gingival bleeding, plaque formation and cavities.
Rs 255.00