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Peppermint oil gives this toothpaste a lovely fresh burst of flavour, plus it’s cooling and soothing. Baking soda is a mild and gentle abrasive that whitens your teeth.
Rs 225.00
This is a really fresh natural toothpaste, free from harmful stuff like fluoride, lauryl sulphate and other artificial preservatives and fragrances.
Rs 225.00
With chlorhexidine and calcium carbonate, Elgydium Anti-plaque toothpaste effectively prevents the build-up of dental plaque every day. It also helps protect against tartar and gum irritation.
Rs 367.50
Elgydium Clinic Sensileave Gel 30ml is a fluorinol protective dental gel that relieves pain associated with dental hypersensitivity and helps to clog exposed tubuli.
Rs 440.50
Elgydium Irritated Gums is a decongestant and an analgesic to cure gingivitis and injuries due to prosthesis or braces.
Rs 394.00
Elgydium Tooth Decay Protection Toothpaste is a toothpaste designed for effective protection against the acid attacks that cause tooth decay.
Rs 367.50